Spotlight on Pat McCabe, Senior Project Manager for The Allied Group

November 24, 2021 Add Star

Spotlight on Pat McCabe, Senior Project Manager for The Allied Group

Q and A with our own Pat McCabe.

Spotlight: Pat McCabe Senior Project Manager of The Allied.

Q and A with our own Pat McCabe. Pat leads our Southeast regional office based in Jupiter, FL.


Q: What is happening in our business that excites you?

I was excited to be a part of the team to establish and lead our southeast regional office here in Florida. I love how focused Allied is on smart growth. We are continually expanding our geographical presence to serve our diverse clients better, currently operating in 45 states. 


Q: What is one of your favorite projects that you led? 

 Recently, our southeast team partnered with a long-time client who called on us to assist with a Courtyard in Key West, FL. We provided our complete turnkey services, including design, architecture, and FF&E procurement. Additionally, we provided full-service construction, which translated to a rapid turnaround for our client during a critical holiday season in a remote market.


Q: What do you love about working for Allied? 

 Allied’s core values (Family First, Serve Others, Be Trustworthy, Promote Loyalty, Persevere and Be Socially Responsible) resonate with me. It is not just writing on the wall or our website; everyone continually demonstrates our core values. Many companies have nice slogans, but our core values guide us in our daily operations. This value system extends from our team to our clients, vendors, and partners.

 Recently I was involved with a faith-based urban outreach program providing resources to children of imprisoned parents. This mission, “Serve Others,” is something that Allied fully supports and promotes. 


Q: Describe how the landscape in Florida is unique or how we are servicing our clients in the area.

 From Disney World to world-class beaches, Florida has become one of the largest hotel markets and a hotspot for the hospitality industry over the years. We must perform our role renovating operating hotels as discreetly as possible, with minimal disruption to guests and hotel operations. Allied is uniquely suited to accomplish these goals with precision and quality. The “Allied Approach” is a strict discipline of careful project management, constant communication, site security, and safety and quality control. It’s the perfect match for the Florida market with its high demands.

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