Team building day at The Allied Groups 2nd annual bowling outing.

If you know anything about The Allied Group and its team of experts and staff, the one thing you will take away is their commitment to providing value and keeping their renovation projects on-time, on budget with minimal disruption to operations.  “When renovating a 300 room hotel, communication is key, be it with vendors, sub-contractors, our clients, and our entire project crews,” Pedro, COO and VP of Operations explains.  “We all enjoy working hard, but at the same time as a company, it is nice to step out of the office and have a night out to strengthen our team spirit at The Allied Group.

Recently the team enjoyed their annual bowling night challenge where the group was split into 7 teams and competed for cash prizes.  It always been a great way to blow off some steam, enjoy each others company outside the office, and to build on their family/team approach to doing business.

“We like to do several different events throughout the year to bring our company closer and to meet the families of all that work here.  The very first core value of our company is “family first”, it is very important to understand the significant impact healthy families have on a company and vice versa,     ” Bob Smith, President of The Allied Group adds.  it was a great night all the way around and everyone came away with a smile and good laughs.